It begins.

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What initially began as a desire to minimize the amount of stuff in my home has resulted in drastic changes in my worldview.  From how I clean my home to what I feed my children to what products I purchase, all has changed. But I’d like to take things a bit further. I’d love nothing more than to help residents of beautiful Fargo make adjustments in their lifestyles. If we can all make more responsible and ethical purchases, be stewards of our natural resources, reduce the amount of trash we bring home and throw into our aging landfill and drastically reduce the amount of food waste we discard, wouldn’t the city be lovelier?

I’ll share my green journey with you and will make sure we all learn better ways to care for ourselves, our families, our environment and our community.


I’d love for this to be a community page. So along the way, please share your wisdom and ideas.



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