Fresh Eggs


When I was growing up, my mother attended school a few evenings a week leaving my father responsible for making dinners. One of the few things he was able to make and therefore made often was fried egg sandwiches.

Admittedly, I grew sick of them over the years- but I’ve found myself at age 37 with a love for good eggs.

In recent years, I switched from standard eggs you’d see in any local market to the organic and cage-free varieties.  I wanted to be more responsible about the food I was buying and more learned about the animals that helped to provide some of the foods I ate. In my imagination, cage-free meant happy chickens running around pecking the earth  Then I learned that cage-free doesn’t necessarily give birds access to the outdoors and that beak cutting is allowed.  Birds are packed together in barns and are living in extremely poor conditions… I’m being kind in my descriptions, so feel free to do some research on your own.

I did find a solution, though. Swanson Health Products in downtown Fargo sells fresh eggs from happy chickens!  Hempeck Farm delivers fresh eggs once a week and they’re lovely.

The yolks are bright yellow and orange and the whites are thick and don’t run all over. The eggs don’t have weird super thick shells and come in all different colors and sizes.  You can also return the cartons for Hempeck Farm to re-use.

Not only is this better for the chickens, healthier for you and me, but the eggs are raised locally and do not require loads of transportation time using resources and creating carbon emissions.

The eggs are $4.59 per dozen. Enjoy!

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