1000 worms- All named ‘George’

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My dreams have finally come true.

I’ve been coveting composters for years. I am not even sure why they’ve always seemed fascinating to me… the natural processes going on, the smells.

When I told my husband many months ago about my heart’s desire, he laughed off my interest and said it would be another bread machine. *whichbythewayheactuallywantedand notme  Anyway, we don’t have the ability to have one outside, so an indoor one is necessary. I found a really expensive one I liked that uses heat to break down organic matter originally, and he balked.

I dropped the subject for a while because we had other expenses come up and, frankly, I felt I wasn’t being taken seriously. Then I stumbled across this little gem:

Product Details

 It’s a worm vericomposter! I have felt awful every time I throw any food waste in the garbage knowing what could be done with it all and what happens to it in landfills, so I researched and decided to follow through with my intentions.

I thought to myself, ‘self- you’ve supported your husband through countless crazy hobbies and passions (aeroponic growing system, circuit bending, recent nose piercing) – and you’re an adult. You can actually buy anything you want.’

And so I did.

She’s beautiful- I also ordered 1000 worms… and they’re all beautiful.

How Can I Compost?

  1. Collect and pile your organic wastes (fruit & vegetable wastes, yard waste, etc.) in an inconspicuous spot out of the wind and sunlight.
  2. Surround the pile with chicken wire, cement blocks or some kind of fence, or you can use a homemade wooden bin or commercially made composter.  This keeps all of the compost in one place and prevents animals from making a mess.
  3. Keep the compost pile continually damp, but not soggy.
  4. Turn the pile every few days to help speed the process.
  5. Add more organic wastes as they become available.
  6. Your compost is ready to use when it is dark and crumbly like rich soil.               
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